Industries Served

CORWIL serves semiconductor companies (fabless and IDM's) and OEM's which produce diverse products for virtually every electronic market. CORWIL has provided assembly and test services for customers' IC's ranging from sophisticated imaging chips that sent back pictures from Mars on the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Rovers to low cost, high volume, commercial RF identification chips.

CORWIL's customers operate in the communications, consumer, medical, military/aerospace, personal computer, data processing, imaging, industrial, and university/research industries. Since inception, CORWIL has served more than 1000 customers located around the world.

Industries Served by CORWIL Include:

Medical: CORWIL is the sole source supplier of wafer probe, die preparation, and electrical test services to the world's leading heart pacemaker, defibrillator and hearing aid OEM manufacturers. The leading U.S. and international companies in these fields value CORWIL's highest quality standards to serve their uncompromising requirements.

Military & Aerospace: In addition to JPL and NASA projects like the Mars Rovers, CORWIL is a primary IC assembly, test and environmental screening supplier of production ceramic packages to mil/aero OEM's providing the latest land, sea, air and space based electronic systems. CORWIL is certified by the U.S. government as a QML (Qualified Manufacturers List) supplier of IC assembly and test services to MIL-PRF-38535, Q Level (Class B) Certification and V Level (Class S or Space) Certification pending, and Laboratory Suitability to MIL-STD-883 test methods, 5004 Environmental Screening, and 5005 Qualification Testing. CORWIL is ITAR registered for defense devices for export.

RF Communications: Exponential growth is occurring in the RF ID tag market for consumer and industrial products. CORWIL has helped the leading companies in this field develop their prototypes through to pre-production quantities and finally to high volume production on an international scale. In the cell phone industry, CORWIL provides high volume wafer and die preparation services for complex RF and microwave devices which are drop-shipped to off-shore production houses. CORWIL's RF Module assembly capability allows US based RF communications OEM's and semiconductor companies to have a high quality strategic manufacturing resource available for quick-turn prototyping and pre-production or overflow production capability.

Imaging: With the proliferation of cameras in cell phones, digital cameras, baby monitors, PC's and security equipment, CORWIL has played a significant role in helping launch many customers imaging chips into these markets. CORWIL's clean room disciplines meet the extreme cleanliness required in all steps of the IC assembly process to assure perfect imaging die are assembled.

Personal Computer: CORWIL is the sole source prototype IC assembler for market leaders within the extremely competitive graphics chips industry. CORWIL's high quality quick turn capabilities for extremely complex devices in Flip Chip and wire bonded processes enable our customers to launch new products to the market faster, thus achieving higher market share and increased profitability.

Semiconductor Companies (Fabless & Integrated Device Manufacturers): CORWIL serves hundreds of semiconductor companies, from the largest IDM's to the smallest start-ups, every month. Services run the gamut from simple prototype assembly to very complex SIP or MCM module development, assembly and test. CORWIL's engineering expertise has resulted in several proprietary manufacturing and packaging innovations. CORWIL's experience extends to dense multi-component modules, high power, and the emerging wafer level packaging applications. CORWIL has been responsible for the development of the architecture, package engineering and production of IDM's and Fabless companies' IC package and wafer backend needs.

University & Research: CORWIL serves the engineering and science departments for some of the most prestigious universities and research organizations in the world, including MIT, Cal Tech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, SANDIA National Labs, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Fermi Lab, and many more universities and research foundations.

Consumer, Industrial & Contract Manufacturing (EMS): Leading EMS companies frequently subcontract to CORWIL for Chip-on-Board manufacturing or for other SIP or MCM production.