Quality Credentials

corwil-quality-2017CORWIL is committed to meeting your requirements by providing excellent IC assembly and test services and by continually improving our Quality Management System.

CORWIL is ITAR registered and is certified to some of the highest quality standards in the industry. Our quality system is based on both ISO 9001:2008 and QML requirements (Qualified Manufacturers List under MIL-PRF-38535). In addition, our assembly and test processes have been approved by DLA Land and Maritime, a program ran by the Department of Defense for the creation of standardized parts used in the Space and Military industries which typically are the highest grade components available on the market.

CORWIL operators are trained, tested and qualified in controlled documentation procedures. Once qualified, operators are re-tested periodically according to specifications. Monitoring programs are also established and running at strategic points in the IC assembly process. Audits are then performed on a regular basis to ensure the quality system and process controls are maintained to the highest levels.

CORWIL understands that excellent quality is not an option - it is a requirement.

If you have any questions regarding the quality systems or services at CORWIL, please contact our QA department at info@corwil.com.

CORWIL's Credentials: