RF Test Services

CORWIL has added additional RF package test and wafer test capabilities.For 200mm and 300mm wafer sort, CORWIL Technology has RF calibration substrates working on their Accretech automated probers and in final check out for the 300mm capable Semics automated probers. Both platforms are capable of elevated/hot temperature wafer sort. RF calibration substrate capability on the cold TEL automated prober is scheduled for mid Q1, 2017. For package test, CORWIL has the room/hot temp. NS 6040 for volume and hand test with cold/room/hot via the thermonics thermal forcing system.

The Keysight N5225A allows CORWIL to offer its customers RF measurement capability up to 50 GHz. The N5225A at CORWIL is 4 port, dual source and has the options already built in for extended power range, bias-tees and configurable test set.

Key Features:corwil-N5225A-PNA-Network-analyzer

  • Reach for unrivaled excellence in your measurements and designs
  • Transform deeper understanding into better designs with the PNA’s outstanding measurement integrity
  • Meet your toughest measurement challenges with the highest performing microwave network analyzer in the industry
  • Get the best accuracy with Keysight’s S-parameter measurements


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