Over 1 Million CSPs Assembled

Posted by Susan Campbell on Tue, Oct 10, 2017 @ 07:30 AM

csp-corwilMILPITAS, CA, October 10, 2017 – Integra Technologies (formerly CORWIL Technology) announced today that it has successfully produced over 1 million CSP’s in its Milpitas Factory.  According to IPC’s standard J-STD-012, implementation of Flip Chip and Chip Scale Technology, in order to qualify as chip scale, the package must have an area no greater than 1.2 times that of the die and it must be a single-die, direct surface mountable package. Another criterion that is often applied to qualify these packages as CSPs is their ball pitch should be no more than 1mm.

fico1.jpgIntegra produces CSPs using its FICO vacuum assisted mold tool and uses saw singulation to extract the packages from its 70mm x 200mm panel.  “We’ve seen awide variety of product coming through the facility,” says Chip Greely Integra’s VP of Sales and Engineering, “We’ve been happy to see customers using our Assembly Guidelines (see Integra’s website for these guidlines) to make the CSP’s more manufacturable and cost effective.” 

Integra’s CSP process also includes die prep for any size wafer in production, wafer test/sort, Reliability and Package Test. “We are currently testing thousands of CSPs per quarter for one customer,” says Joe Foerstel, Integra’s VP of Test, “We are also performing device level qualification on CSP and bare die to assist our customers in ensuring product life.”


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Visit Us at ICSCRM This Week in Washington DC!

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Attending ICSCRM?

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Integra Technologies Announces the Purchase of CORWIL Technology

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WICHITA, KS, September 5, 2017 - Integra Technologies, LLC, a world leader in integrated circuit test and related services, announced today that it has acquired CORWIL Technology, Corporation (CORWIL). CORWIL provides high quality and responsive semiconductor assembly and test services focusing on Hi-Rel, fast-turn and wafer processing markets. Founded in 1990 and based in Milpitas, CA, CORWIL is the premier U.S. provider of full back-end assembly services and is a key partner with leading medical, Mil/Aero and commercial semiconductor companies.

The combination of the two companies will provide a single point of contact for an extremely broad array of semiconductor assembly, test and evaluation services supporting the Military, Avionics, Space, Medical, Automotive and Fabless Semiconductor markets.

“We are very excited about the combination of Integra and CORWIL,” said Brett Robinson, President and CEO of Integra Technologies. “The combination provides our mutual customers with one of the largest US based semiconductor die prep, assembly and test offerings in the industry.” Mr. Robinson added further, “Integra has been an employee owned company since 2008 and we are pleased to welcome our new employee owners from CORWIL.”

Matt Bergeron, President of CORWIL Technology commented, “I was happy to see that Integra was selected as our new parent/partner. It provides a great assurance to our customers (especially those in the Hi-Rel market), employees and suppliers that they will be in good hands.”

CORWIL will continue operations in Milpitas, California with existing employees, management team and product/service offerings.

For more information please contact:

Kent Wade                                                       Matt Bergeron

Integra Vice President Sales                            CORWIL President

316-630-6821                                                   503-510-1500                 


About Integra Technologies, LLC

Integra Technologies, an employee owned company, is one of the largest independent test labs in the U.S and Europe.  Integra's operation has been satisfying customers for over 30 years by providing a wide variety of IC test and related services including:  Test Development, Final Test, Characterization, Wafer Probe, Qualification  (HTOL, HAST, Temp Cycle), DPA, CSAM, FA, Upscreening, MIL-STD testing, counterfeit detection, obsolescence management and DMEA Trusted processing.  Integra has one of the largest and most experienced test engineering organizations offering support for every device technology including RF, Mixed Signal, Digital, Linear and Analog.  Integra provides 24x7 high or low volume capacity and has demonstrated industry leading quality and on time delivery performance.

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Case Study: Captive Line

Posted by Susan Campbell on Fri, Aug 25, 2017 @ 08:57 AM

corwil-captive-lineRead about how CORWIL Technology provided an in-house turnkey solution for a top fabless networking company that needed to implement volume manufacturing for their advanced Silicon Photonics technology. 

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See What CORWIL Has to Offer

Posted by Susan Campbell on Tue, Aug 15, 2017 @ 09:19 AM

In response to the requests we’ve received about our processes and types of equipment we have, CORWIL has created a Youtube Channel to show you what we do.

Not seeing what you're looking for? We will be growing our video library as requests come in. 

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CORWIL Adds FTI 1000 Tester - Good to 3600V and Testing of Power Devices

Posted by Susan Campbell on Tue, May 23, 2017 @ 09:48 AM

CORWIL Technology (CORWIL) has teamed with Focused Test, Inc. to release the FTI 1000. The FTI 1000 tester adds to a growing variety of testers on the CORWIL test floor capable of both package test and wafer sort. The FTI 1000 is a perfect solution for testing power discrete devices, power management IC’s and Intelligent Power Modules. In addition to standard silicon devices, FTI 1000 is capable of testing Wide Band Gap devices using GaN and SiC technologies. FTI 1000 is capable of performing a wide range of DC, thermal resistance and AC tests on power discrete devices.

corwil-fti-1000.jpgThe MOSFET AC parameters tested by the FTI 1000 include Inductive Load (UIL/UIS), Gate Charge (Qg, Qgs, Qgd), Gate Resistance (Rg), Gate Capacitance (Cg, Ciss, Coss, Crss) and high voltage Switching/Timing Tests. The FTI 1000 also offers analog test resources to enable Smart Power devices to be tested, such as Half Bridge power modules. FTI 1000 can also perform Dynamic Rdson testing on GaN HEMT wide band gap discrete devices.

The FTI 1000 performs IC and Multi-Chip Module testing using the IC Channel Board equipped with: 

  • Multiple Quad VI’s
  • TMU
  • Pulse Generators
  • Comparators
  • Digital Instruments
  • C Bits with Readback

Additional channel boards can be easily added, depending on the required configuration, and each channel board can be synchronized by a cabled ‘Sync Bus’.

“We have had a number of customers ask about high voltage and discrete testing.  This FTI solution works well, providing scalability and flexible solutions.  We were pleased when Focused Test collaborated with us on this program.” Said Joe Foerstel, CORWIL’s VP of Test.

Focused Test, Inc. (FTI) was founded in August 2006, with the mission to apply a ‘focused technology’ approach to the design of engineering and production testers for power discrete devices and analog IC’s. Our goal is to offer targeted solutions that meet our customers’ needs for low-cost, flexible and scalable test equipment for specific product segments in the power and intelligent power markets. In this way, we provide the lowest acquisition price and highest throughput, along with an impressive array of test engineering tools.

“CORWIL’s extensive assembly and test capabilities have enabled us to provide a full range of test services to power device manufacturers in the Bay Area and we are very pleased with the excellent results of our collaboration to date”, said Peter Hancock, President of Focused Test, Inc.

CORWIL's Commitment to it's Customers

Posted by Susan Campbell on Mon, May 08, 2017 @ 10:46 AM

When CORWIL was approached by a medical customer that had developed a product that required a very small and strong die, CORWIL collaborated with them to utilize Dice Before Grind (DBG) in order to adhere to the customer’s very tight and unconventional package requirements. Using DBG reduced die breakage and chipping that can be caused by conventional methods.

CORWIL’s commitment to problem solving, delivering quality products and acquiring the best equipment resulted in a happy customer as well as CORWIL successfully taping 1 million die in the month of March on their recently attained Muhlbauer Tape and Reel system.


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Device Test and Package Solutions for Silicon Photonics

Posted by Susan Campbell on Wed, Apr 12, 2017 @ 09:36 AM

corwil-silicon-photonicsCORWIL Technology’s pursuit of cutting edge technology and prime location in the heart of Silicon Valley has led them to secure programs from leaders in the area of Silicon Photonics. The need to increase bandwidth in all aspects of hardline and wireless communications coupled with an increase in data center speed is driving the communication world away from copper interconnects and towards silicon photonics. This evolving technology uses a combination of fiber optics, optical wave guides and laser frequency light waves, to carry far more data than traditional copper conductors, to support faster data transfer rates between data centers.

Because silicon photonics is a new field, customers are approaching device test and package solutions in different ways. There are many new processes and capabilities that are being put in place and developed to join the various components at the package level, along with work in device test at both the die and package level. Many of the services CORWIL offers are being performed for multiple customers and their silicon photonics based products. CORWIL has been providing Die Prep services including scribe and break, dicing, back grind, inspection as well as Package Assembly and wafer sort and package test services. Some of the unique requirements have pushed CORWIL to develop unique expertise in our service offerings.

In the area of Test, CORWIL is working with multiple customers on methods to test a device via a fiber optic input that can be used in a volume production environment for both package test and wafer sort. To be able to test at the high speeds and data rates these devices are rated for, CORWIL has developed methods to perform the initial RF VNA calibrations down through the wafer probes, using industry standard automated wafer probers vs. the semi-automated probe stations that are more often used.

For Device Reliability, CORWIL has worked with several silicon phontonics customers to come up with innovative methods to stress the actual device/die while inputting a controlled light source. Given the harsh environments of HAST and HTOL these requirements continue to push CORWIL’s engineering staff to continue to innovate.

“As this is a new competitive field, CORWIL leverages the knowledge gained becoming a Trusted facility to offer customers anonymity, secrecy and security to protect any proprietary customer IP that is consigned to CORWIL,” said Joe Foerstel, VP of Test for CORWIL Technology.

CORWIL Technology looks forward to continuing its partnership in the communications industry and becoming a vital source in providing test services to ensure the effective implementation of silicon photonics and its progressive technology.




CORWIL in Chip Scale Review

Posted by Susan Campbell on Wed, Mar 22, 2017 @ 05:05 PM
Read about CORWIL in this month's issue of Chip Scale Review!


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CORWIL Invests in Portable Clean Environment

Posted by Susan Campbell on Wed, Mar 08, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

corwil-clean-roomTo satisfy customer demand for ultra-clean environments for wafer sort, CORWIL Technology (CORWIL) has added a Portable Clean Environment for wafer sort that is good to Class 1000. CORWIL’s one-stop solution from wafer sort, die prep, assembly, Package Test and Reliability provides the ability to understand how different pieces of the backend process affect each other in terms of yield.

Joe Foerstel, VP of Test for CORWIL said, “Customers have found that wafer sort in a very clean environment improves yield, especially when using certain RF probe technologies or probing devices with sensitive surface structures; particularly for our customers in the communications and medical industries.”  “We have seen dramatic improvement of yields at Second Optical when customer’s wafers arrive from a cleaner environment, especially when back grind is one of the steps in the process,” added Jonny Corrao, CORWIL’s Director of Die Prep.

For more information on CORWIL’s wafer sort capabilities and the Portable clean environment please contact CORWIL 408.618.8700.