Military & Aerospace Assembly & Testing

CORWIL's Mil/Aero Business Unit is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the Military and Aerospace Markets. We are qualified to be the total value solution for all of your Military and Aerospace needs. We have vast experience in Hi-Rel processing and we are committed to manufacturing reliable, quality parts. CORWIL is certified to QML and ISO 9001:20008.

Our Processes include:

  • MIL-PRF-38535 QML'Q' ( Class B ) Certified
  • Mil-PRF-38535 QML 'V" (Class S) Suitability
  • MIlr-PRF-38535 QML 'Q" (Class B) Suitability
  • MIL-PRF-19500
  • Source Control Drawings

MIL/Aerospace Packages:

CORWIL provides a wide range of ceramic packages that are suitable for Military and Aerospace use.

Our Packages include:

  • Cerdip and Sidebrazed
  • Flatpacks and Cerpacks
  • SOIC
  • LCC and JLCC
  • PGA
  • TO Cans / Headers
  • Custom Packages

MIL/Aerospace Products: CORWIL has the capabilities to assemble and manage a wide range of products for Military and Aerospace applications, including:

  • Discrete ICs: Diodes and Transistors
  • Analog and Mixed Signal ICs:
  • Op Amps
  • Comparators
  • Voltage References / Voltage Regulators
  • AD / DA Converters

Enhanced COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf): CORWIL offers a host of solutions to fill the need for cutting edge technology in hermetic packages. As many semiconductor manufacturers have moved to extended-temperature plastic processes (-40 to 85C) there is a significant gap for some Military and Aerospace programs. CORWIL can provide the service for these missing gaps. Whether you need to place commercial die in a hermetic package or perform additional screening to an existing plastic, we can help you meet your requirements.

Options include:

  • Assemble Commercial Die in Hermetic Packages
  • Extend Electrical Test to cover Mil-Temp Range (-55 to +125°C)
  • Custom Options

Program Management: CORWIL's management has over 100 years of service in the Military/Aerospace industry. We believe that understanding the customer's needs is paramount to providing excellent service. We offer a selection of unique services that are available as part of a manufacturing order or as stand-alone items.

  • Radiation Management for high and low-dose rate (ELDR) testing
  • Discontinued Product Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Quick-turn Prototype Assembly