Wafer Probe

CORWIL Technology is providing full back-end test and assembly services starting with Wafer Sort, Room Hot and Cold. CORWIL's advanced wafer probe and inspection services support:

  • Known Good Die (KGD)
  • Wafer Level/Chip Scale Packaging (WLP or CSP)
  • Bumped or copper pillar wafers
  • Tight pitch aluminum or gold pads
  • Thin wafers
  • Digital, Mixed Signal and RF probe

CORWIL uses the industry's top wafer probers along with a wide variety of probe card technologies from the leading suppliers world wide. Call today for more information, 408-618-8700 and let CORWIL Technology's excellent quality and customer service
become part of your success!

CORWIL offers the following automated wafer probers for use at wafer sort:

Manufacturer Model Wafer Capability Temperature Range



100mm to 200mm

Ambient Only



100mm to 200mm

Ambient up to +125C



100mm to 200mm

Tri-Temp, -40C to +125C



150mm to 300mm

Ambient up to +125C

  • Experience using Epoxy needle as well as vertical probe card technology
  • Probing Aluminum and Gold pads along with Solder bump contacts
  • Experience in creating probing files and probing:
    • Multi-site wafers up to X8
    • Multi-project wafers, individual die types by reticle
    • Small die, down to 150 um X 350 um
    • Wafers with no scribe streets and minimal alignment features
  • ATE pogo tower docking available:
    • Quartet 
    • Catalyst 
    • J750 
    • Chroma
    • 93K SOC 
    • ASL3000 
  • Custom docking available upon request

CORWIL has experience working with a wide range of custom "rack and stack" test solutions. Let CORWIL Technology assist you with all of your wafer probe testing today!